Confused by conflicting contractor claims?

Vermont Fuel Efficiency Partnership (VFEP) offers unbiased analysis, technical support and recommendations to Owners of affordable housing statewide. AND we offer CASH to help you make it happen.

Large icicles not only reveal rampant heat loss, they destroy your building!

VFEP has nothing to sell. Our mission is long-term sustainable, comfortable, efficient affordable housing. We are funded with revenues from other energy programs to advance Vermont’s goal of greatly improving the efficiency of our homes and apartments. 

If you are the Owner, Developer, or Manager of an affordable multifamily building in Vermont, click here to learn how we can help you improve your property.

VFEP is a collaboration of energy efficiency and housing programs to implement comprehensive energy improvements in qualified properties.



November 21, 2014: Sarah Suscinski has accepted the new position posted earlier in the fall; she will start in December. Welcome Sarah!

September 12, 2014:  VFEP posted a new employment position. The new person will be responsible for raising awareness of our services particularly among private apartment building owners.

June 27, 2014:  CVCAC is now CAPSTONE Community Action! Central Vermont Community Action Council adopts its new name officially today.

June, 2014:  Fritz Fay has joined VFEP as Project Services Manager. Fritz brings a wealth of experience as a builder leading the North East Kingdom residential construction industry in adopting high performance strategies. Fritz’s contact info here.

April 28, 2014: VFEP releases Final Report on 2013 Fuel Study.

April 26, 2014: Next Pellet Workshop scheduled for fall 2014. VFEP urges anyone interested in biomass to attend the Renewable Energy Vermont (REV) conference Oct 16-17, 2014: Two full days, with a special biomass track being planned.

April 24, 2014: VFEP Project Services Manager position has been filled.

February 12, 2014: VFEP continues sponsorship of a series of Pellet Workshops around the state. The 2nd was in Brandon on January 24;  3rd Pellet Workshop is March 14 in Windsor. Operations and Property Managers, Heating Contractors, Owners & Developers, Architects & Engineers — this is for you!

January 21, 2014: Updated Eligibility Chart for 2014 posted in Documents Library.

November 2013: After our first successful Pellet Workshop, we are planning more at locations around the state. Check back here for updates in the next few months. 

Summer 2013: VFEP Fuel Study. VFEP is undertaking a review of actual fuel usage in projects completed at least a year ago. The goal is to improve our understanding of what leads to the most accurate predictions of savings, and what types of measures have the greatest impact on heat and hot water bills. We expect to have a report available by late fall. Vermont Office of Economic Opportunity’s Weatherization Program is underwriting the major portion of the study.

Feb 26, 2013: VFEP Progress Report through 2012 released.

Nov 9, 2012: DOE approves VFEP audit tool The US Dept of Energy, which runs the Weatherization Assistance Program nationally, has approved the VFEP savings analysis and audit tool for use in the Vermont Weatherization program. “This will streamline and simplify  WAP and VFEP collaboration on multifamily buildings of 5 units or more going forward,” says Scott Campbell, VFEP Administrator and principal author of the tool.